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Thursday, August 6, 2020



Welcome Session and entertainment by Headliner Matthew “Phineas” Lish “I Think, Therefore I Clown”

A combination of juggling stunts, physics explanations, amphibians, a loaf of bread, a deck of playing cards, a banana peel, slapstick, and a carpenter’s saw, join Phineas in his one-man show that explores what is funny. You’ll find yourself wondering “How did he do that?” and more importantly, “Why did he do that?” It’s outrageous, action packed, family friendly, full of comedy, and low in calories. Also join Phineas as he tells Clown Alley Stories from The Greatest Show on Earth. As the youngest of twelve clowns that made up the World Famous Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown Alley during the circus’ Final Farewell Tour and as one of the last two First of Mays, Matthew has a collection of wild, adventurous, educational, and emotional stories from his time touring with The Greatest Show on Earth. Join Matthew as he recounts some of his favorites circus memories.



          Fred Baisch – Fun and Easy Pocket Magic

featuring items easily accessible around the house.  Fun routines and jokes with these items.  Items provided with handouts.  This is a hands-on interactive class.


         Julia Bothun – Modern Make-Up for Today’s Clown

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana. Times are changing and makeup is too! There are so many more brands and types of makeup to use as well as new ways to use what we already have. This class will be all about how to make your makeup more current. BUT just because modern clowns are sometimes using a minimal makeup doesn’t mean that’s the only way. This class is all about knowing what your options are, and hopefully giving you some new ones as well!



Friday, August 7, 2020


9:00 -10:15am

David Pitts – Puppet and ventriloquism workshop

We will touch on speaking without moving your lips, sound substitutions and breathing exercises. We will work on how to make your puppet look alive and presentation skills. Bring your puppet and let’s have fun.


Fred Baisch – Rope magic for everyone!

In this class participants will learn a variety of clever rope effects for walk around and formal show.  This is also an interactive class.  Ropes provided.


10:15 – 11:00am

A visit with Kathy Keaton author of Prescription Humor

Kathy shares how clowns help not only patients but staff. Her book is full of true heart-warming as well as heart tugging stories she has collected over her four decades as “Piccolo.” “Prescription Humor” is a resource for fellow clowns as well as anyone looking for proof that humor and laughter truly are good medicine for our health and well-being.



Dal Sanders – Live show and lecture

Dal Sanders will perform a daycare/school show for a live child audience. Then the children will leave and he will go over step by step the routines and ideas on how to perform and build a daycare/school show. 11-11:15 kids come in, 11:15-11:45 show, 11:45-12:00 kids leave, 12:00-12:30 lecture



         Teri Stokes – Beginning Balloon art

Learn the basics of twisting and balloon techniques – balloon provided


Matthew Lish – It’s in the Book! Script and Routine Writing

What am I doing? What do I want the audience to feel while I’m doing it? What is the reason I’m doing this in the first place? These are all important questions we must ask ourselves when creating new material in order to have desired effect and maximum impact on our audience. Furthermore, how can I ensure that I get the same audience reaction every time? Matthew will guide you through the philosophy and steps of writing material from initial concept, to development, to rewrites and edits, to final performance, all in your own unique comedic style and voice.


Julia Bothun – Comedy through Movement

Get ready to move and have fun.  Experience telling a story with your body and facial expressions.



David Pitts – Cartoon drawing workshop - Everybody Can Draw Cartoons!

One of the greatest things about cartooning is how fun it is! There’s no wrong way to do it and it’s all about developing your own style and expressing your own ideas! So much talent! So much fun!


Teri Stokes – intermediate to advanced balloon art

Taking balloons to the next level. Balloons and equipment provided.


Brittany Allen – Puppet Interactive Workshop

Bring your puppet and let's have fun! Together as a group, we will all work through silly and important exercises with our puppets to get comfortable using them. You and your "puppet partner" will learn how to work together as a team, build confidence and enjoy the time "learning & playing" together to build that relationship that is important to make your puppet seem "real". Feel free to come even if you haven't used a puppet before, we'll have extras, come play and see what fun using a puppet with your clowning can be.



Saturday, August 8, 2020



          Matthew Lish – Making Stuff! Building Your Own Props (Lecture)

As a prop and puppet builder for Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Matthew has been building high quality props for over a decade that have appeared on television, cruise ships, off-Broadway, and in theme parks. Exploring topics such as foam carving, painting, molding and casting, epoxies, and special effects, Matthew has ideas to take your props to the next level. There will be visual aids, but there will not be interactive prop building


          Suzy Wall - Face painting

Suzy will teach designs for Line work.  Ideas and techniques to help make it easier to move that line and still get the WOW reaction


Brittany Allen - Branding/Marketing Workshop

From your first impression, to your final thank-you card (you DO send thank-you cards, right?), I’ll share basic, yet important tips for marketing yourself and your clowning business. I will also share ideas to help established clowns re-energize their marketing as well as tips you may not have thought of before. Let's make some plans to help you shine as much as your big red nose!!




          Matthew Lish - Juggling Workshop

Learn to juggle and incorporate juggling techniques into your show. Supplies provided


Margaret Clauder – Storytelling workshop

Welcome to Storytelling with Margaret. In this workshop, we will share in the magic of creating and telling stories with our voices and bodies. Along the way, I’ll offer tips, challenges and guidelines to help you create your own storytelling activities.


Greg Stanford - Clowning in a Digital World: Juggling Websites, Social Media & You

This workshop will share information on how to build a simple but effective website for your clowning, and Do’s & Don’t for websites. We will build and launch a website as we go. We will also explore the various social media options out there with brief descriptions on what they are, how they work and how to use them for your clowning.



Sunday, August 9, 2020



Diana McCurtain and Aurora – Sunday Worship Service



Jr. Joey Workshops (Ages 10-16) – led by Brittan “Zoe” Allen

Come be a part of our Jr Joey workshops and get started on this awesome fun adventure called Clowning! We'll teach some of the basics of clowning: makeup, movement, magic, just being silly and the art of "playing" when you clown. Feel free to bring just a few fun, colorful, wrong sized things that we can use to pull together our first "clown costume" and to be in our convention group picture. (example: shirt/shorts/pants/socks/hat/etc.). We'll learn a lot and take one big foot in the right direction as well as have bunches of fun doing it!