Texas Clown Association

About TCA

The Texas Clown Association is a Texas non-profit that promotes, preserves and improves the profession of clowning by sharing the art, history and philosophy of clowning; by educating it’s members and the public in the wholesome, and clean entertainment that is provided by the profession of clowning and by sharing news and keeping it’s members informed.


Are you looking for creative individuals who strive to bring laughter and smiles to young and old? Then TCA is just the group for you.


There is no better place to learn or advance your clowning than at our annual Convention. There are classes upon classes with top notch instructors from around the country. There are competitions to gather critiques on costume, character and performances (check out the Competition page for details). Another great thing about convention is meeting your new clown family.


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TCA Members Only

Being a member of TCA has it’s perks. Check out our members only section for clown training, our growing video library, online training, our Joey Journal archive, Convention host info and more. Current membership is required.