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Promote, preserve and improve the profession of clowning. Provide the opportunity to study the art, history and philosophy of clowning. Educate its members and the general public in the wholesome and clean entertainment that is provided by the profession of clowning. Provide news to the members of all clown events in the STATE of TEXAS. TEXAS CLOWN ASSOCIATION is chartered in the STATE of TEXAS as a non-profit perpetual corporation and qualifies as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.



Organizing was done during the 1980-1981 Clown Days at Traders Village. Chartered in the STATE of TEXAS as TEXAS CLOWN ASSOCIATION, INC. on August 18, 1983. Chartering of alleys was provided for in 1985.


Annual Convention

The annual convention is held every year in the HOST ALLEY’S CITY in the STATE of TEXAS. The annual convention primarily serves as an educational opportunity to study the art/profession of clowning and to further the members knowledge in the art/profession of clowning. A business meeting is conducted at the annual convention. Possibly the most important aspect of the annual convention is the renewing of old friendships and the making of new friendships. The educational aspect is accomplished through the various competitions including makeup, skit and ballooning. New areas of competition, such as paradeability, are tried to see if there is an interest by the members in making these new competitions an organization sponsored event. A variety of educational workshops and lectures are held covering any area of clowning. The sharing of ideas among fellow clowns when we get together after the day’s scheduled events are finished is another opportunity to learn and grow. Administrative duties of the organization are performed at the annual business meeting held at the convention. Election of officers, by-law changes and competition changes are just a few of the matters brought before the membership for action. Makeup, costuming, magic, puppets, props, walkaround items, clown ministry supplies, buttons and nametags are all available from a variety of well stocked dealers. Usually the cost of these items are at bargain prices while they are being sold at the convention. The dealers really don’t want to have to repack their supplies and take them back with them.


CLOWNS all belong to a FAMILY.

We all know what clowning means to us and to our brothers and sisters in our CLOWN FAMILY. When we get to see each other at convention, it is like a big, big family reunion. Seeing those that we only get to see once a year, catching up on what has been happening in our lives with our families and with our clowning, sharing joys and sorrows, and seeing how we have all grown in clowning and life are many of the feelings that are shared at the convention. You can not imagine what you will miss out on by not attending the convention.


What Can Texas Clown Association (TCA) Do for YOU?

  • The TCA is chartered in the STATE of TEXAS as a non-profit perpetual corporation.
  • The TCA is also recognized by the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Over 250 like-minded clown arts professionals and enthusiasts around the state working together to propagate the performing art of clowning.
  • All volunteer leadership, elected by the membership during the Annual General Membership meeting held during the annual convention (Must be at least 21 years of age).
  • Specific membership categories to include Regular, Family, Junior, Senior and Lifetime (Ambassadors only).
  • Announcement in The Joey Journal of all New Members.
  • The Joey Journal magazine, published bi-monthly, is educational, informative, and published to provide you with useful clowning information.
  • Publication opportunities for members by submitting articles and photos to The Joey Journal editor.
  • Advertising opportunities for items of interest to clowning and in good taste as well as member owned businesses in The Joey Journal.
  • Annual membership card available upon request with payment of dues.
  • TCA offers patches for purchase.
  • Clown arts dealer advertising and support opportunities in The Joey Journal.
  • Membership recruitment incentives for individual members.
  • Membership Directory available to members only on the TCA website.
  • TCA Chartered Clown Alleys for local and regional membership support and continuing educational opportunities. (Start a TCA Alley with only 5 TCA members (must be at least 21 years of age).
  • Continuing professional educational opportunities.
  • TCA offers a convention each year with education, competition and fellowship.
  • Convention Committee, made up of members of the Host Alley, that plans, organizes, and executes educational and entertaining annual conventions.
  • Convention Junior Joey Program.
  • Buddy Program for First Time convention attendees/ registrants.
  • Recognition of First Time attendees during each annual TCA Convention.
  • TCA recognition to include TCA Best All Around Clown, Ambassador, and Competition Awards.
  • Opportunities for volunteer service to include Officers, Directors, Area Directors, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members.
  • The TCA Website – www. – a full online community to stay informed about everything TCA.
  • TCA is officially affiliated with Clowns of America International (COAI).