Kathy Keaton is our current Education Director.

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TCA Education Scholarship

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BootCamp #1: Clown Makeup

Greg explains how to pick a professional style makeup.

Clown Communion Demonstration

Aurora & Diana demonstrate and answer questions on how to conduct a Clown Communion service. This was presented at the 2021 TCA Convention.

Creating a Magic Database with Evernote

Greg shares and idea for clowns, magicians and others using magic tricks in their presentations and performances. Let the computer program, Evernote, help organize your magic tricks and create a searchable database by topics, by gimmick and more to assist in show creation and routine development.

Puppet Zone 1: Types & Tips for Puppets

Join Greg as he introduces you to a variety of puppet types (finger, rod, moving mouth and human arm puppets). He will also share four tips on buying puppets that are right for your needs.

Puppet Zone 2: Puppet Stages

Join Greg as he explores puppet stages, both purchased and DIY.

Puppet Zone 6: Puppet Audio

In this episode of the Puppet Zone Greg will be looking at audio options you can use to improve spoken or prerecorded audio during your puppet shows.