Charter Members

At the 1980 Clowns of America (COA) Convention in Denver Colorado, some Texas clowns met to discuss having a Texas Convention and forming a Texas Clown group. A number of the Charter Members (below) attended, plus a few others. Later there was a gathering at Traders Village in the DFW area and subsequently Texas Clown Association was officially formed.



As of 2/29/1984 showing city of residence (at that date)

and the original assigned TCA membership numbers.


Wynn Veale, Odessa, TX 1

Kay Veale (Henry), Odessa, TX 5

Peggy Veach, San Angelo, TX 35

Rosalie Perryman, Irving, TX 2

Don Perryman, Irving, TX 29

Carol Stalcup, Ft. Worth, TX 8

Loncy L. Leake, Mesquite, TX 26

Joyce Wilkes, Longview, TX 3

Eugene Wilkes, Longview, TX 13

Richard Wade, Houston, TX 6

Margaret Wade, Houston, TX 16

Phyllis Jacobs, Houston, TX 30

Willard (Frank) Fuller, Houston, TX 34

Patsy Fuller, Houston, TX 33

Ralph Dewey, Deer Park, TX 23

Robert Stoddard, Duncanville, TX 7

Lou Flowers Stoddard, Duncanville, TX 10

Bil Pinney, Duncanville, TX 14

Van Chauvin, Duncanville, TX 15

Warren Kernen, Amarillo, TX 9

R.W. Thomas, Amarillo, TX 25

Jack Blasingame, Spring, TX 11

Terry Tormey, Spring, TX 21

Lillian Martin, Humble, TX 22

Gordon Williams, Boerne, TX 12

Larry Cooke, Fredericksburg, TX 17

Kuky Dresser, Kerrville, TX 18

Billy Davenport, Kerrville, TX 24

Judy Rokovich, Portland, TX 19

Blanch A. Jensen, Corpus Christi, TX 20

Dorothy Braly, Corpus Christi, TX 4

Donald Stiefel, Corpus Christi, TX 31

Lou Carol Jordan, Corpus Christi, TX 32

Irving Schwartz, San Antonio, TX 27

Leah Goodman, San Antonio, TX 28