Ambassador of Clowning Award

Ambassador of Clowning Award

By Patsy “Glitterbug” McMillan, on behalf of Jackie “Lollibells” Garner


    Texas Clown Association (TCA) was founded in 1982 and the first TCA AMBASSADOR OF CLOWNING AWARD was presented in 1983.  This award is to recognize and honor the TCA member who most exemplifies the art of clowning and supports and promotes TCA.  The award is a “lifetime achievement award” meaning that a member is only honored once (in a lifetime) with this prestigious award.  Since this is presented once in a lifetime, it takes more than a little bit of clowning and TCA support to earn this award.  TCA Ambassador Award recipients are granted lifetime membership in TCA (meaning they no longer pay annual dues – at the TCA Board of Directors’ discretion).  The award is usually presented during the annual TCA convention but an Ambassador selection is not mandatory each year.  Nominees should have the following qualifications and/or traits:

  • Must be current and active member of TCA.
  • Must be known for his/her dedication and promotion of clowning without personal gain.
  • Should be well-rounded clown, i.e. someone who gives to the community, is an active volunteer, and who is exposed or is a professional in the art of clowning.
  • Should promote TCA in all facets of clowning, and always strive to be positive, upbeat, agreeable and have a fair attitude. Be willing to share ideas and available to assist with a smile.

    Nomination letters should explain why the nominee should be considered for the award and provide examples of the points listed above – it is not enough to just say you want to nominate the person.  The nominations are reviewed by a committee of past recipients of the award.  Remember, that while most of the committee members are active in TCA, it is possible that they do not know every qualified member. Nominations should include sufficient details describing the nominee to the Committee members as if they do not know the nominee.  Be sure to include such facts as:

  • How long this nominee has been an active supporting TCA member?
  • Have they held any position in their alley or on the TCA board or TCA committees?
  • How do they support and promote TCA in their clowning?
  • How have they exhibited extra-ordinary clownmanship?
  • How has the nominee been shown to be positive, upbeat, agreeable and sharing? Are they unselfish in assisting others, caring and most of all, just there when needed with no thought of being reimbursed for their time or effort?
  • How have they displayed being a well-rounded clown; someone who gives to the community as an active volunteer, and who also demonstrated professionalism in the art of clowning?
  • How has this nominee shown his/her dedication and promotion of the art of clowning in assisting others?

    Nominations will be accepted from CURRENT TCA members only.  Nominees must be CURRENT TCA members (to check membership status, contact the TCA Treasurer).  Be sure to include your name and TCA number on your nomination letter as well as the REAL name and CLOWN name of your nominee.  (Include your contact information too in case the committee has any questions about your nomination).

    A list of the Ambassador Award recipients can be found on the TCA website.  Remember do not nominate any members who have already received the award.

    The most recent recipient of the Ambassador Award serves as the Chair of the Ambassador Award Committee.  (If that person is unavailable or declines to serve, a chair will be appointed by the TCA Board of Directors.)  The Ambassador Committee Chair is responsible for submitting the nomination details and deadlines to The Joey Journal and collecting the nominations.  Nominations will be accepted by regular mail or e-mail.  They must be dated or post-marked no later than the published deadline; and the deadline for this year’s nominations will be July 1, 2024.  The chair will validate each nomination received by the deadline (confirming the membership status of both the nominating member and their nominee).  Nominations received and/or postmarked after the deadline will NOT be considered for the award.  The nominations will be considered by the TCA Ambassador Committee which is made up of previous recipients.  The award will be presented during the Award Banquet at the annual TCA convention.


    Nominations for the 2024 Ambassador Award are being accepted by: Patsy “Glitterbug” McMillan, on behalf of Jackie “Lollibells” Garner


20806 Durand Oak Court

Cypress, Texas 77433



DEADLINE:  July 1, 2024