Keys to a Better Show #5 - The Quick Trick Script


By Norman Barnhart

You will make your new trick better, much faster, if you write a short script to go with it. When you memorize the script it will be just like being in a play or TV show. Magicians are actors and the script is very important to making what you say sound good. Simply, write 4 or 5 numbers on a sheet of paper. Then think about what the trick is about, and write a script in steps.


For example: Zambini Shuffle Trick by Norm Barnhart


#1 Would you please take a card?


#2 Look at your card and memorize it.


#3 Please place it back in the pack


#4 I will now drop the cards into the bag and do the great Zambini shuffle, I learned this last summer on my trip to wonderful far away land of exotic … Iowa.


#5 Shake the bag while jumping around in a crazy manner. Announce – “this Zambini Shuffle will thoroughly mix the cards like no other shuffle.”


#6 Then stick your head into the bag and come back out with the selected card seen between your teeth.


#7 “My dentist loves this trick.”


#8  Hold up the card and take a bow.


If you want to see this trick in performed live, look for my upcoming video.

Basically there is a small brown paper pocket taped on the inside of the large paper bag.  This holds a duplicate card, to the one forced at the beginning of the trick. But for now, let’s see how a script helps.


You have the five sentences you will say all written out so you can memorize them.  Then as you go you may think of another joke to add, just write it on the card and you will be able to practice until you really have it down pat.  If you do not memorize then you will be fishing for things to say during the show and that is embarrassing magic. However once you have a script, you can add jokes during the show as they come up.


Review and improve your script.  If a joke does not get a laugh then try saying it a different way or timing it differently.  If the joke still does not get a good reaction – drop it and replace with something else until you find the right line to go for that moment.


Once you have a good script you can improvise and adapt to the audience you are in front of.  The basic script gives you something to start from in your performance.  It also keeps you from forgetting an important details in the trick.


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