2023 Convention Headliner

Jeff “Bungles” Potts

Jeffrey Potts is a professional clown with over 40 years of experience. He is known for his character Bungles the Clown and is a “Family Edu-tainer,” combining entertainment with education. He is the owner of Learn & Laugh Productions, inventor of Bungles Props and Funny Stuff, co-founder of The American Clown Academy, former education director for The World Clown Association, and current artistic director for the International Clown Festival. Potts is also a skilled prop maker, known as the “Pie-Guy,” and enjoys both performing on stage and one-on-one interaction. He is passionate about the art of clowning and loves to share his knowledge. Jeff is an amazing teacher and mentor. His lectures cover a range of topics related to clowning, such as the ancient art of clowning, the use of puppets, comedy, improvisation, pie throwing, the use of clowning in ministry, skit creation, make-up design, juggling, and more. The lectures are suitable for different audiences and can be adapted to different settings, such as summer library programs, schools, or the lecture setting.