2021 Workshops

About our Workshops


Classes by Headliner:  Karen DOTS Hoyer

 Clown + Puppet: A Relationship Built for Laughs        

Clowning is ALWAYS more fun with a partner and guess what: you and your puppet are partners onstage! Just like any partnership, it pays to invest some time into making the relationship work. We’ll work on staging (how to position yourself and your puppet); focus (who gets to be in the spotlight and how to get the timing right); and scripting (starting simply and learning to rehearse). For this workshop, please bring your “muppet style” puppet with you.


Mime: The Language of Clowns                                     

As a clown you need to use your whole body to communicate. Mime is the art of using movement to create physical characterizations, express emotion nonverbally, and tell a story without depending on words. For clowns, mime is a vital tool for making physical choices that will take us out of everyday life and into a clownesque world of play. With or without props, mime is the language of clowns!


Ten Essential Warm-ups — For Clown Solo or Ensemble!    

All professionals know it doesn’t pay to start cold! A warm-up before performing or teaching is essential. Learn a routine of vocal and physical warm ups to prepare you for doing your best. After packing that essential list in your clown suitcase, we’ll have time to explore some group warm-ups you can share with your clown alley or ensemble.


Vaudeville Visiting for Nursing Homes and Senior Centers  

It takes a special kind of heart to work with the elderly in a nursing home or senior center, patience and love and laughter are our tools. Starting with some practical advice based on experience and mixing in a bit of brainstorming, we’ll move on to role playing to simulate the experience of actual visits. We’ll unpack our suitcase of clown skills (character development, music, physicality, juggling, magic, etc.) and explore how they work with this population. 


Classes by:  Brittany ZOE Allen

Jr. Joey Workshops – Part 1 & Part 2                                  

Come be a part of our Jr. Joey workshops and get started on this awesome fun adventure called Clowning! We’ll teach some of the basics of clowning: makeup, movement, magic, just being silly and the art of “playing” when you clown. Feel free to bring just a few fun, colorful, wrong sized things that we can use to pull together our first “clown costume” and to be in our convention group picture. (Examples: shirt/shorts/pants/socks/hat/etc.). We’ll learn a lot and take one big foot in the right direction as well as have bunches of fun doing it!


Marketing/Branding Workshop                             

From your first impression, to your final thank-you card (you DO send thank-you cards, right?), I’ll share basic, yet important tips for marketing yourself and your clowning business. I will also share ideas to help established clowns re-energize their marketing, as well as tips you may not have thought of before. Let’s make some plans to help you shine as much as your big red nose!! 


Puppet Interactive Workshop                                                      

Bring your puppet and let’s have fun! Together as a group, we will all work through silly and important exercises with our puppets to get comfortable using them. You and your “puppet partner” will learn how to work together as a team, build confidence and enjoy the time “learning & playing” together to build that relationship that is important to make your puppet seem “real”. Feel free to come even if you haven’t used a puppet before, we’ll have extras, come play and see what fun using a puppet with your clowning can be. 


Class by:  Norm Barnhart

Amazing Comedy Magic that is Amazingly Easy (Virtual)      

Demonstration and instructions on some simple magic tricks that clowns can use in shows and walkarounds.  Norm has used these amazing tricks in his shows for years to bring laughs and smiles.  



Classes by:  Becky SKEETER Deltenre

Beginning balloons                                                

This class is for anyone who would like to get started in balloon twisting art!  If you are afraid of balloons, do not be afraid to come to this class :).  Bring your balloons and a pump and get ready to explore the world of balloon art!  


Can Ministry Really Be Fun?
Becky is striving to set new standards in educating and entertaining audiences of all ages with her unique approach of spreading the Gospel message with humor, love and a lighthearted flair.   Throughout history, the Good News has been made available to all people, and in every language…even clown language.   
Skeeter has the ability to capture any audience, regardless of age, and more importantly to bring scriptures to life in a way that even little ears will never forget.   Balloon sculpting, slight of hand tricks, songs, games and face-painting are just a few of the many tools she uses to entertain and to share with others God’s love and the gift of laughter.   She will share a few of these methods and ideas in the “Can Ministry Really Be Fun?” class.  Although the method may change, the message never will …. “God Loves You!”


Face Painting – Split Cakes and Full Faces         

This class is designed for those that want to expand their face painting skills by learning about full face designs and how to use and care for split cake face paints.  We will practice some faces so bring your practice heads, practice boards, or a model and your paints 🙂  


Games Galore!                                                        

Are you ready to act like a kid and have some fun?  Come dressed comfortably and ready to play a variety of games.  We will discuss how to “shop for games” and how to make them yours 🙂   We will also brainstorm NEW games how to “change up” old games to have a “new feel”, make it work games, and games on the go!  


Classes by:  ROLY Gutierrez

Beginner Juggling:                                                              

Learn to juggle scarves and balls.  Undo improper juggling pattern and learn the cascade.


Intermediate Juggling                                                           

Learn proper practice techniques.  4 and 5 balls explained. Juggle rings and clubs.


Spinning and balancing:                                                    

Learn to spin a ball, plate and lasso.  Learn to spin a ring on arm and leg.  Balance a balloon or feather on your hand or head.  Balance board and unicycle demonstration.



Class by Larry Hipps of Bring Them In Ministries

Fun Ways to Choose Volunteers

Why not make picking volunteers part of your performance? Here are 15 innovative ways to select your helpers that kids will love. You will have a chance to share your ideas as well so be thinking about your favorite way to choose volunteers.


Classes by:  Aurora BEBOP Krause

Character Development                                                    

Learn how to make your clown character your best and most valuable “Give-Away”.  

We’ll discuss how your mind and your heart work together in developing a clown character that creates fun and brings joy to others. (this class is presented in-full-clown) 


Simplicity of Clowning                                            

In this class the instructor will cover the important concept of keeping our clowning simple, real and enjoyable for all.  Discussion and demonstration will cover ways of applying simplicity to our make-up, costume, walk-arounds and our clowning in general. 


Walk-Around Fun and Comedy Antics                   

Learn to clown using comedy antics that bring out your clown character’s personality.  This class will cover walk-around clowning with silly props, gags, pocket magic and anything and everything around you.  Demonstration will include incorporating simple comedy antics and playful fun to your walk-around clowning.  

Classes by:  Brenda FLOWER Marshall

Hospital Clowning                                                    

The basics of hospital clowning can be learned through improvisation.  In this class we will explore entering a hospital room, how to play with the patient, family members and hospital staff and general ideas on how clowns can be therapeutic. 


Puppets Alive!                                                         

Using puppets in your show takes some planning and, like every other skill, much practice.  We’ll discuss and demonstrate making your puppet come alive and interacting with them.  If you have a favorite puppet friend, bring him/her to class.



Clowns are storytellers too!  Locating stories, incorporating them into performances, storytelling technique and the opportunity to share a favorite story.


Class by:  Donna SWEETIE Mathews

Laughter Yoga                                                        

Yoga deep breathing combined with laughter exercises.  Laughter Yoga reduces stress, heart rate, cholesterol, and improves the health of those with compromised immune systems. It also increases your “happy endorphins”.  Laughter Yoga encourages the use of silliness, imagination, and improv with the benefits of exercises combined with lots of laughter.  ENJOY!


Classes by:  Diana BUTTONS McCurtain-Talbert

Bring on the Funny (Face)                                          

Are you new to clowning, and not quite sure where to begin with creating the face that will bring laughter to those around you? Have you heard you should do this, or you shouldn’t do that? Do you have a clown character but are just itching to try on a new face, and a new look?
This class is for you… Come prepared with your makeup, a mirror, and all the tools you need to get into CLOWN.  Also, come with an idea in mind of what you want your face to look like. This is your opportunity to create that new look, and get feedback on what works, and perhaps what could work better. This is a 1-hour class… So, you’ll need to come in ready to get to work!


How to Create Bling for Your Face Painting Jobs  

We all know that those added things can give an OK face painting job that BAM! that just takes it to a whole new level. Glitter, chunky glitter, and BLING can all add that extra WOW factor to a design. And if you do line work or pay-per-face work, adding that BLING can help you in raising your prices! In this class we’ll go through the process of learning how to design your own BLING for pennies and raise the cost of your face painting by dollars!     *All materials will be provided. This is a hands-on class!


Social Media and Your Business                                

Have you been thinking you need a social media presence, yet you’re not quite sure were to begin? In this 1-hour class we’ll cover the most popular platforms, while landing on the two that seem to generate the most business – Facebook and a Website. In this class you’ll learn the tools that are available to you.



Class by:  Phil OTTO Nichols

Ventriloquism 101                                                              

Master Ventriloquist Phil Nichols teaches the basics of near ventriloquism.


Class by:  Jean KITCAT Pirtle

Musical Clowning with the CCA Kitchen Band    

The Cheerful Clown Alley Kitchen Band has performed with music, skits, sing-alongs, and a lot of fun for over 30 years. Learn how you can make some crazy instruments, use prerecorded music, and develop skits to entertain at children or senior citizen facilities.



Class by:   Jane LADYBUG Kinney


The Red Nose Reader Program promotes literacy, kindness and joy through the art of clowning.  During a visit, a certified Red Nose Reader will read a story, share a message and playfully interact with the students. Come and learn “All About the Red Nose Reader Program,” and how you too can help build a positive image that Real Clowns are caring, helpful and kind people who want to spread joy and laughter.



Classes by:   Teri HAPPY HEART Stokes

All About Balloons

In this class, I will show all the different sizes of balloons. I will demonstrate how to make a round column. We will also do some balloon weaving. Also, I will demonstrate some balloon distortion.

Bring your questions and let’s play!


Balloon Creations

Come have fun! You will learn how to make a balloon base and make a creation that can be a centerpiece or delivered for a get well or birthday recipient. I will teach some fun air-filled designs.


Intermediate Balloons

come, and let’s create together! I provide the design and product. In this class, we will develop a large balloon build together. We will be weaving and using balloon distortion. I will talk about how to come up with ideas and develop those ideas into something amazing. Class is open for all skill levels. Let’s grow together! I will also have photos to share of some of the big builds I have been a part of.


Simple Balloons

In this class, we will make balloon creations using one to four balloons. Balloons that can be used for line work. We will do some golden oldies and some fun new designs.



Below are NOT Scheduled Classes but POSSIBLE Classes or Jams.


* Silly Songs & Super Easy Dances for Your Shows, Parties & Events

By: Brittany Zoe Allen

Add some wiggles, some giggles and some silliness to your school shows, parties and events. Kids absolutely love them, it’s a great ice breaker to start with, and, as a bonus… it also wears them out a tiny bit so they will be ready to sit and watch your performance. List of super-duper fun songs that Zoe uses will be shared with the class.


* Possible JAM – Using your Cricut to make stencils        

By: Diana McCurtain-Talbert

Have you ever thought about making your own stencils for face painting or glitter tattoos? I’ve thought about it for years but was intimidated on where to begin. Once I finally tried it out, I realized there was no reason for that. Join me in this JAM if you’d like to learn to make stencils with our Cricut (or similar product).